AMR Transponders Part Numbers

Product GroupPart NumbersProduct Description
V-6 Transponder Standard
915-02 Compatible with Master Meter Dual Pulse
915-03 Compatible with ABB Scancoder
915-04 Compatible with ECR Protocol
915-05 Compatible with Neptune ARB V
915-06 Compatible with Neptune ProRead/Autodetect
915-08 Compatible with Neptune ARB V/Autodetect
V-6 Transponder Pit
915-42 Compatible with MasterMeter Dual Pulse
915-43 Compatible with ABB Scancoder
915-44 Compatible with ECR Protocol
915-45 Compatible with Neptune ARB V
915-46 Compatible with Neptune ProRead/Autodetect
915-48 Compatible with Neptune ARB V/Autodetect
DS-T9L DataSource915 Standard
DS-T9H DataSource915-PIT
Centron Electric Transponder
915-120 Centron (Compatible with 120V Form 1S, 3S, 12S)
915-122 Centron (Compatible with 240V Form 2S, 3S, 4S)
EM915 Electric Transponder
915-101 Compatible with Landis + Gyr model no. MX and General Electric I-70-S/2
915-103 Compatible with Elster model no. AB1

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