AMR Accessories

Product GroupPart NumbersProduct Description
Retriever for
Palm Software
95009801 First Copy of Retriever installed at a named utility
95009802 Second and subsequent copies installed at the same utility
ConFigIT for
Palm Software
410-100-10 ConFigIT Software for Palm – 1st copy at named utility
410-110-10 ConFigIT Software for Palm – additional license
ConFig-IT Water
320-190-10 Cable – Water ConFig-IT with Lemo/HandTrackIT to Psion
320-300-100 Data Cable RS-232
CF9150102 Water ConFig-IT
ConFig-IT Electric
320-300-10 Data Cable RS-232
360-100-10 Electric ConFig-IT – EM915
ConFig-IT Centron
360-200-10 Centron ConFig-IT
350-151-10 Centron Curly Cable – Spare Itron Curly black cable to be fitted to the grey molded connector
350-152-10 Centron Molded Connector – Spare Itron black connector that clips into TransPondIT
Rugged Palm Computer
95009901 Rugged palm configured for TRA500 series – includes cable for either HandTrackIT or FastTrackIT, not both
CDL-D-MEZ1000 Docking Station – includes USB HotSync cable
ADT-MEZ1000 Docking Station – includes USB HotSync cable
ADT-VEHICLE Car Adapter Power Supply Cable
BAT-MEZ 1000-1900 Spare Battery
320-400-10 Aceeca to Lemo Cable (Rugged Palm PC to HandTrackIT)
320-410-10 Aceeca to D-Type Cable (9 Pin to ConFigIT)

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