BluTower is a global provider of cost-effective wireless automatic meter reading (AMR/AMI) systems to water, electricity and gas utilities as well as sub-metering users. A comprehensive range of water meters is also supplied. Products are sold under the BluTower brand.

BluTower’s broad product range consists of:

  • Transponders for both existing and new-fit water, electric and gas installations
  • Direct-Read and Encoded water meters
  • Products with combined metering and data transmission capabilities
  • Walk-By and GPS Drive-By data capture products
  • Fixed Network data receivers/transmitters

BluTower’s powerful AMR systems are employed commercially by water, gas and electric customers in many countries including the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom

The powerful BluTower AMR solutions enable utilities and sub-metering users to instantly improve their customer service, cost-efficiency, meter reader safety and overall operational effectiveness. Our open systems approach to AMR provides the foundation of our solutions, enabling quick and easy integration into our customers’ existing metering infrastructure. Our use of standard interfaces and protocols enables our products to work with many types of billing software systems, hand-held computers and meters, ensuring that customers’ investment in existing systems are protected.

BluTower has offices in the United Kingdom and the USA and an international distribution network covering the UK, North America, Mexico, Europe and Australasia.

The BluTower goal is to provide fully-featured products and solutions at highly competitive prices to utility and sub-metering customers.

Blue Tower Communications Ltd. is located in Aldershot, UK from where design and engineering is conducted.

BluTower, Inc has offices in Ocala, FL. The Ocala office provides primary sales and technical support for the Utility market as well as supporting the Sub-Metering sector, serving as our North American distribution facility.

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