Water, electric and gas utilities are facing increasing pressure to do more with less. Utilities are being challenged to meet higher public expectations of service and supply together with more stringent Federal regulations. Pressure increases to maintain accurate billing at the lowest possible costs while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and an efficient operation.

Today, many progressive utilities are finding that implementing an AMR system can help position themselves better against today's and future challenges. Blue Tower has developed a product range that allows utilities of all sizes to do more with less by more efficiently using their existing resources and by providing improved customer service to their customers.

An automated meter reading system offers the following benefits to utilities:

  • More efficient meter reading - With an automated system, meter readers can significantly improve their productivity over a manual system.
  • Improved meter reader safety - Meter readers are less susceptible to the dangers of meter reading, including crime, dogs, heat, and other issues.
  • Leak Detection - With an AMR system, meter reading can be done for most utilities within several days, enabling the utility to have a better view of consumption levels and identify possible leaks or losses.
  • Billing accuracy - Increased accuracy of an AMR system ensures that readings are done correctly the first time, which improves customer satisfaction.
  • Hard-to-Reads - Vault and other hard to read meters can be read from a safe distance.
  • Eliminate estimated reads - Many utilities can justify going to a monthly read schedule for residential reads, eliminating estimated reads which can often lead to dissatisfied customers.
  • More efficient use of personnel - meter readers can be re-deployed into other, higher value and enjoyable functional areas which can improve morale and reduce turnover among staff.
  • Compatibility with existing equipment - The BluTower system offers a wide range of compatibility with other components of an advanced metering solution, including meters, handheld computers, and billing software.

The Blue Tower solution is a completely open system. Our products' ability to interface easily with other system components means utilities' existing investments in meters, hand-held computers and route management systems are protected.

The Blue Tower system has the following advantages to utilities:

  • Low cost meter reading: Blue Tower's cost per installed point is very competitive compared with other AMR systems. Data can be collected quickly and efficiently, helping to reduce meter-reading costs.
  • Open interface to a variety of meters and hand-held computers: BluTower offers a completely open system. All of our products are designed to use standard interfaces (RS-232) and protocols (ASCII) to integrate into popular route management and billing software.
  • Fast data acquisition: BluTower's "blind" transmission method, eliminates the need to "wake up" MIUs, resulting in much faster data collection.
  • Ease of installation: Transponder can be fitted or retro-fitted in minutes to most popular meter types.
  • License exempt: The entire BluTower system is license exempt, meaning no user license is required for operation of any part of the system.

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