Submetering AMR Solutions

Why Sub-metering?

If you own multi-family housing, malls, or business complex properties, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of sub-metering of utility meters on individual apartment units, condominiums, or commercial properties. BluTower's DataStream system can give you an easy to use method of utility cost allocation. DataStream provides you with an automated solution where readings are generated without the hassles of traditional meter reading.

  •  Reduces Operating Expenses: Experience indicates that residents in sub-metered dwellings who receive bills based on actual utility usage, decrease consumption by an estimated 18-39%. This modification in tenant habits results in a significant reduction in operating costs for the property owner.
  • Tenants Held Financially Responsible: With sub-metering, the financial burden of utility costs is transferred to the residents. By shifting the responsibility of expenses, property owners reduce their exposure to increases in utility rates.
  • Increases Property Value: As a capital investment, the cost of sub-metering is generally tax deductible. Therefore, apartment owners can increase their properties' net operating income and thus, increase the loan and resale value of their properties through implementing a sub-metering system.

How It Works

In a typical installation, a transponder is attached to a utility meter in or near each apartment unit. The Transponder transmits meter data at a regular interval to either a repeater or directly to a gateway depending on how the system is designed. Once the signal is transmitted by the repeater and processed by the gateway, the meter data is sent to a computer. The data is then stored in a database on the hard drive of the computer. Data is available for export to a billing program, through a direct dial-up connection or through an e-mail sent to the central office or billing company.

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