Water Transponders

BluTower’s new DataSource Transponder is a one-way device that transmits reads from the meter, either by counting pulses from the register or by reading an encoded register. DataSource is compatible with most currently available switch-enclosure and encoder-type meters, including those by Actaris, Elster-AMCO, Badger Meter, Hersey Meters, Sensus Metering, MasterMeter, Metron-Farnier, Neptune, and Performance.

DataSource incorporates the interface protocols for all of the above meters in the Transponder itself, so a single Transponder is fully configurable based on the type of meter you have, so only 1 model of DataSource is required, regardless of how many different brands of meters are being used.

The Transponder will transmit an error-checked, digital signal as frequently as every 5 seconds. This Transmission interval can be configured during installation. Each data packet will contain the MIU identification number, utility code, updated meter reading, status/tamper value, a leak-detection trigger, and a Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC) used for data verification.

The DataSource transmits without the need to be ‘awakened’ by an interrogation device. Reading speeds are improved because there is no delay in waiting for the Transponder to respond to an interrogation. DataSource offers 1-year general warranty and a 20-year pro-rated battery warranty.

Transponders are available for both Pit and Non-Pit applications. The Transponder housing is a lead free ultrasonically-welded plastic enclosure and is suitable for long-term immersion in up to 6 feet of water. The electronics and battery are additionally encapsulated in waterproof gel.

DataSource Transponders can be read by the following Receiver products: 

  • HandTrackIT   (click for more info)
  • FastTrackIT    (click for more info)
  • DataStream    (click for more info)

DataSource is certified to operate without a license in accordance with the FCC Part 15 Rules and Regulations under the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) Band (902-928 MHz).


900 Series ConFigIT - Water

DataSource Water Transponders

DataSource Lite Water Transponders

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