The BluTower range of transponders allow utilities and sub-metering customers to receive data from meters remotely. Transponders collect data from the meter and transmits it to a data collection device, which may be mobile or fixed. Transponders are available for:

  • Water and gas meters (with special version for metal pits)
  • ANSI type electromechanical electricity meters
  • Centron solid state electricity meter

They are also embedded into BluTower’s BluMet radio-meter which elegantly combines the function of both water meter and transponder in a single package


All BluTower transponders are one-way, transmit-only devices. The Transponder will take its readings from the meter - either by counting pulses from the register or by reading an encoded register. Settings can be configured either by the user using ConFigIT or factory pre-set. The Transponder will transmit an error-checked, digital signal approximately every 5 seconds for up to 20 years (depending on product). Each data packet will contain the MIU identification number, utility code, updated meter reading, status/tamper value, and a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) used for data verification.

BluTower transponders transmit without the need to be 'awakened' by an interrogation device. Reading speeds are quick because there is no delay in waiting for the Transponder to respond to an interrogation.

The Transponder can be read by the following products:

  • HandTrackIT – Walk By
  • FastTrackIT – Drive By
  • DataStream – Fixed Network

Transponders are certified to operate without a license in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 Rules and Regulations under the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) Band (902-928 MHz). The Transponder sends a signal hundreds of times smaller than a cellular phone signal.

Transponder Features:

  • Compatible with encoded or pulse output meters
  • Superior range
  • Highly integrated, reliable product
  • Completely license exempt radio
  • Transmit-only communication enhances rapid data collection
  • Quickly retrieve large number of meter readings from the safety of a vehicle while driving at posted speed limits

Gas Meters can be read by BluTower transponders if the meter includes a pulse output device. Contact BluTower for information on pulse output devices.

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