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htrackit1HandTrackIT is BluTower's hand-held Walk By receiver. When connected to a hand-held meter reading computer, it enables a pedestrian meter reader to walk down a street and collect readings from the Transponders via radio. The HandTrackIT system allows for a combination of visual, touch and radio reads on one route. Fitting BluTower Transponders or Radio Read Registers to those difficult to read meters will greatly reduce the amount of time and ultimately money, that a utility will spend on reading meters each month.


HandTrackIT is designed to work with a hand-held computer or PC. The HandTrackIT is connected with a cable from its LEMO connector port to the serial port of the computing device. Power is also taken from the hand-held computer via this connection. The power consumed (60 mA typically) by the HandTrackIT does not materially affect the hand-held computer.


HandTrackIT interfaces with many popular hand-held computers and route management systems. The simple RAMIC interface protocol enables ASCII data to be exported into a variety of route management and billing systems.

Physical Characteristics

HandTrackIT is designed to be carried by hand, on a shoulder harness or on the belt of the meter reader. The 900 Series HandTrackIT is a light (10 oz.) and compact (5 1/2 in. x 3 in. x 1 in.) device that is designed to operate in harsh utility environments.

All HandTrackITs have a rugged carrying case with a belt loop that allows for easy carrying. Inside the HandTrackIT cloth case is a welded metal case that is sealed and should not be opened. Additionally, the HandTrackIT has a fixed antenna which is 3 inches long. The HandTrackIT has a LEMO-type connection port that connects the HandTrackIT to a PC or hand-held computer.

HandTrackIT Features

  • HandTrackIT easily interfaces to most hand-held terminals, including: Allegro, Northrop Grumman, Psion, Radix, Telxon and others
  • HandTrackIT integrates to most route management software including those provided by Greentree Applied Systems, Hersey-Meters, Northrop Grumman, Radix, SLC Meter Service and others
  • Simple RAMIC protocol enables easy integration into many popular route management systems
  • Allows for combination of radio, touch pad and visual reads on one route
  • No interrogation signal is required which results in faster read times
  • Small and lightweight; can be belt or shoulder harness mounted


HandTrackIT Receiver Data Sheet

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