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The 900 Series FastTrackIT System is a wireless, vehicle-based system designed for residential and commercial environments, as well as rural areas making this a flexible and low-cost solution for the Utility Market.

In a typical situation, the meter reader is able to drive through the meter route at posted vehicle speeds to collect meter readings. Readings are collected and stored in the controlling computer. Simple Graphical User Interfaces provide control and reporting to the meter reader. The entire system is license exempt. Additionally, since it is a transmit-only system, there is no need to "interrogate" the MIU, keeping operator intervention to a minimum.

ftrackit1FastTrackIT receiver is the vehicle-based radio receiver in the BluTower 900 Series AMR system. It permits meter readers to quickly retrieve a large number of meter readings from a vehicle driving at posted speed limits.

The FastTrackIT receiver takes reading from BluTower Transponders or from legacy RAMAR systems.
It is very portable – it is designed to fit temporarily in the passenger seat of a vehicle. It can be easily installed in the vehicle and removed so that there is no need to dedicate a single vehicle to the reading activity.

Utilities that install the FastTrackIT system, can expect significant productivity improvements over a direct manual reading system.
Additional benefits include

  • improved meter reader safety
  • improved accuracy
  • fewer re-reads
  • improved customer service

ftrackit2FastTrackIT system has proved to be a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solution. The system can interface into existing system components minimizing the cost and disruption of implementing an AMR system.

The BluTower system is widely supported by a network of third-party software and hardware providers.

The receiver protocol is open – it can be integrated with most utilities’ existing hand-held computers and route management software packages.

The system operates in the 902 MHz to 928 MHz ISM band and is FCC Part 15 compliant, which means that no part of the system requires a license for operation.

Reading Software

BluTower provides two systems. Both of these applications collect the reading data from the receiver and store it against the record for the corresponding meter in the route file loaded from billing. Both allow the meter reader to monitor the collection progress during a meter reading route, and can store large number of account readings.

The reading route file is downloaded into the controlling computer before the route is read; at the end of the day the route file with completed readings is uploaded to the route management or billing system.

FastTrackIT PC Software

  • Runs on laptop PC. Recommended for large systems.
  • Versions available with moving map display supported by GPS Receiver and with Report Generator.
  • Raises audible warnings if reading is missed, if error or tamper detected or if reading outside limits.
  • Available from BluTower as complete system including FastTrackIT Receiver and rugged laptop and vehicle mounting kit. (please Contact Us for details)

More info in the FastTrackIT PC Software Data Sheet

Retriever for Palm Software

  • Runs on Rugged PalmOS handheld computer also available from Blue Tower.
  • Recommended for small installations and where there is a considerable number of manual readings to be taken along with the radio reads.
  • Available from BluTower as complete system including FastTrackIT Receiver and rugged handheld computer (please Contact Us for details)

More info in Retriever for Palm Data Sheet


FastTrackIT Receiver Data Sheet

FastTrackIT PC Software Data Sheet

AMR Receivers and Reading Systems

Retriever for Palm Software Data Sheet

ConFigIT for Palm Software Data Sheet

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