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BluMet comes from the factory ready to install. No special FCC Licenses are required so preconstruction time planning is no longer critical. No wiring is required in the field and no configuration programming is required by the installer. By keeping it simple and allowing for a quick installation the BluMet keeps installation and maintenance costs down and ensures a successful installation every time, and time is money.

With few moving parts and no wires the BluMet is innately inexpensive when compared to conventional meters with conventional registers from which it evolved. Fewer parts, thanks to advanced engineering, results in the best value in the utility and submetering markets, the BluMet.

And now BluMet Datalogger is available. It provides all the normal functionality and versatility of BluMet but with an easy to configure 90 day hourly read data logging function together with data analytics.

BluMet utilizes the BluTower positive displacement meter that conforms to AWWA C700 standards. PD Meters are inherently accurate over a wide flow range and unlike jet-style meters, their accuracy is not susceptible to changes in orientation so vertical installs are not a problem. Its positive displacement design is time-proven for long-term accuracy and dependability, ensuring maximum revenue for at least 15 years. The revolutionary LCD display not only shows the meter reading but it also communicates that reading to the integral radio. With the radio and battery mounted internally there is no resident tampering and no missed pulses or questionable reads with BluMet!

BluMet can be read as either a fixed network, drive-by or walk-by. It uses the same RF protocol as BluTower DataStream Transponders and therefore can coexist on the same network or reading route.


BluMet Datasheet    -    Blumet Retrofit

BluMet Datalogger

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