BluTower sells a comprehensive range of products providing solutions for utilities and sub-metering:

  • A wide range of water meters to AWWA and international standards
  • Transponders for new and retro-fit installations
  • The market-leading BluMet; a fully integrated radio meter that can be supplied either with a BluTower water meter or can be retro-fitted to a wide variety of other suppliers’ meters


BluTower offers products covering a variety of electro-mechanical meters as well as Itron’s Centron solid state meter


Gas meters can be read by BluTower transponders if the meter includes a pulse 0utput device. Contact BluTower for information on pulse output devices


BluTower data collection devices offer a variety of methods of data collection. The common feature of BluTower’s data collection products is that the customer’s presence is not necessary and no meter reader has to gain access to a property. All the available products are fully compatible with all installations of BluTower’s water and electric products:

  • The HandTrackIT walk-by system – readings are collected by walking past the installation at a range of up to 100 yards
  • The FastTrackit drive-by system allowing reliable data collection at speeds of up to 40m.p.h.
  • The DataStream fixed network products that enable static combinations of aggregators and concentrators to supply readings from both sub-metering and utility installations. Data can be collected as often as required. These products offer 2-way communication so meters can supply data on demand, if required, as well as at user-determined intervals.


Flexible – a wide variety of solutions

  • Accurate – no human error and no estimates required
  • Safer – risk to readers is minimized or eliminated
  • Scaleable – entry level systems can be upgraded to add sophistication at low cost while protecting existing investment - you don’t have to scrap a BluTower installation to upgrade it.
  • Compatible – open systems approach allows for interfacing with most billing software
  • Cost-effective – economical data collection leading to greater return on investment
  • Customer satisfaction – customers receive accurate bills; fewer queries and excuses for non-payment

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