Appalachian Water, Inc. 90-Day Pilot Trial

May 2014 - Appalachian Water, Inc., Blairsville, GA signs up for 90-day Test Pilot. Appalachian Water is a private corporation that maintains several systems throughout Georgia. One of their systems had only a portion automated with "the competition". Appalachian Water made the decision to terminate the project due to lack of support on reading issues that they were experiencing. The systems that Appalachian Water maintains might be considered small in the eyes of some "larger box store" meter companies but BluTower maintains the position that "size does not matter". BluTower takes pride in the fact that we provide the same level of support for customers with 1 – 100,000 endpoints. Appalachian Water knows that a functioning AMR system will reduce overhead costs and therefore has agreed to a test pilot. We, at BluTower, look forward to working with everyone at Appalachian Water on future projects.

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