Social Circle, GA Test Pilot

March 2014 - Social Circle, GA has signed up for a 90-day Test Pilot. Social Circle is a historic community, with a population of 5000 residents, located some 45 miles east of Atlanta in the Historic Heartlands section of Georgia. Social Circle has recently started purchasing BluTower's manual read meters from Utilities Supply and had considered automation in the past but like many smaller utilities, cost was always the deciding factor. BluTower was able to demonstrate to Social Circle how they could inexpensively automate the assorted meter brands in their system with our BluMet retrofit. Social Cirlce has agreed to a 90-day pilot with BluTower's FastTrackIT Drive-by system. The money that Social Circle will be able to save on their future system and the reduced man hours needed to read their system, are a huge part of why they have now chosen to move toward automation with BluTower.

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